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 Please watch the following video for instructions on how to use this hybrid application maximized.


  DHQI AI Code is our latest addition (9/2023) in our innovative applications. It is an app that can be used by everyone to use their phone in order to use artificial intelligence for writting essays, compositions and code for programming in their favourite programming language (no matter which is it).


Quick Description

  • Double hybrid app (mobile-desktop and/or if you choose so, mobile-web if you work away) that accesses Open AI APIs to write essays, emails, compositions and code for programming in user's favourite programming language (no matter which is it)
  • Needs to connect to Open AI APIs so the user needs an API key and an Organization ID (do not let this last one frighten you as it is just standard procedure for identification - even if you are an individual you are assigned an Organisation ID when you sign up). Both the key and the ID are entered in the desktop part. Please watch the video for detailed information on how to get them.
  • Desktop app available at Windows, Linux and Mac
  • With the use of the Desktop app it is easily integrated in your Favourite Word Processor, E-mail Application and/or your favourite IDE if you are a programmer (feature available for now only in Windows and Linux but soon also in Mac)
  • Mobile app available at Android (Google play) and iOS (iPhone/iPad - AppStore)



DHQI AI Code is a double hybrid app (mobile-desktop and/or mobile-web). It is composed of two components: a computer application (available in Windows, Linux and Mac), which the user will connect to a mobile application available in Android and in iPhone/iPad devices. This mobile application can be used as the machine that the user will dictate on it what they want in order to transfer it to the desktop application to make the request from it to Open AI APIs. In order to use this hybrid application the user will need to have Open AI credentials which means that they will have to sign up in Open AI and to create an API key and an Organization ID (the user must not let this last one frighten them as it is just standard procedure for identification - even if the user is an individual they are assigned an Organisation ID automatically when they sign up). To create an API key they will have to own a paid account (no worries about this - the user will be charged only for the amount they spend in the engine - it is about 2 cents of a dollar per almost 750 words - please note that in words count it is measured also what the user sends as prompt). When the user gets them, they add these credentials to the desktop application and they are done. Now each time the user wants to use it, they just connect the desktop application to the mobile application and once connected the user can use it in any way they like. The user can dictate what they want to the mobile app to be transferred to the desktop one and make the request from it (the user might want to change the prompt of the request a bit before they send it as for programming at least the trained AI models of Google and Apple that recognize voice make misunderstandings).

An advantage of this double hybrid application is that it can be also used from the web as far as you are from your dekstop computer. All you have to do is scan the QR code in the desktop application and the necessary data will be transfered encrypted in your mobile phone. Then, wherever the user is, they can just visit the web version of the application in https://aicode.dhqi.eu and they can just scan the QR code they are presented in this page. The user's will insert the decryption key and the connection information will be transfered to the web page and be available only for them to use them only for as long as the tab of the web browser in which this page is displayed is open. When they are done using the web app, they can just close the tab and their connection data is gone (they are kept only as runtime in-memory variables for as long as browser's tab is open). 

An other advantage of this double hybrid application is that it can be also integrated in your favourite word processor, e-mail application and/or  favourite IDE if you are a programmer (this is valid for Windows and Linux Versions but will be soon implented also in the Mac version). If the user wants it to use it integrated in their favourite word processor or e-mail program all they have to do is write in one line a hash symbol followed by their request (f.e. "# write me an essay about the climate change around 200 words"). Then all they have to do is press Ctrl + Shift + F6 in order for the program to get their request, process it and write the results in the same program (word processor or e-mail application). The developers all they have to do is write a comment line with their request in their favourite IDE and press Ctrl + Shift + F6 in order for the program to get their request, process it and write the results in the IDE. In both cases the users must make sure that they will write their request in one line and please be informed that word wrap is not supported. Help is also available in both cases with the use of Ctrl + Shift + F9 and you can toggle the sound On or Off by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F10.

If the user faces any problems connecting the mobile application to the desktop one, they are requested to make sure that their phone and the computer are connected on the same network (ssid), and also make sure that they will set their desktop's firewall to allow connections in the port displayed on the phone. The user is requested to feel free to download the components of the app. They must also note that in Windows if their antivirus provides sandbox the installer will present errors. If this is the case just press ok and let the antivirus scan the installer files. If the user sees also activity of sandbox checking during installation then they are requested not to proceed and let the antivirus scan this step. When the antivirus notifies the user that the file is ok then the user is able to proceed - it will reopen (the procedure of installation was checked with Avast antivirus). 


The benefits the user will get from the application are multiple. They can try it for three requests every day, and acquire with our early bird offer the subscription that suits them the most for unlimited requests (coupon code in the app). With the early bird offer, they get the benefit of a price that suits their needs (either weekly or monthly) and avoid the price that most users will have to cover in order to acquire full functionality when the app is well known to all users. They also get the benefit that they can use it in all their phones as long as they are phones of the same platform (either android with the same google account - 9 or higher - or iPhone/iPad iOS devices with the same AppleID provided that the user has restored the purchases from the corresponding screen).   


Please note the following:

  • Please play fair. Please read the license agreement in the installation. Please be informed that for the attempt of copyright infiltration by any means or methods, the one that has done so he/she will be prosecuted for 10 times the porfit loss he/she created and the one that will point to us this person will be given 50% of this compensation confidentially.


Try it for free for 3 requests every day and then you can acquire a subscription for unlimited requests


Available Subscriptions 

There are available subscriptions in the application and with coupons from affiliates you get great deal offers or with the earlybird0923 coupon for the early birds that will acquire this you get 50% off. If you can access a lot of people that would like to use our application then you can be also an affiliate and get benefits of 50% of the income acquired by your promotion. You can go to the contact us page in this site and click on messenger to send us a message or if the blue communication dot in the lower right part of the page is activated then you can click on it and call us directly at no cost.




DHQI Scanner not connected
DHQI Scanner connected
DHQI Scanner acquirement


If you encounter difficulties downloading any platform's version due to browser's settings, right click the relative icon and select open in new window. If you want to use the application in Ubuntu linux then it is not compatible with Wayland and you need to turn the display driver to X11. This is done this way:


1. sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf
2. #WaylandEnable=false --> remove #
3. In [daemon] section add: DefaultSession=gnome-xorg.desktop
4. Reboot


 There have been reports of recent cloudflare outages. This will result in errors in downloading the computer applications. If this is your case please try again later.


You may download DHQI AI Code for Windows here:
You may download DHQI AI Code for Linux here:
You may download DHQI AI Code for Mac here - for MacOS Big Sur provide Java with Accessibility access  (under System Preferences -> Security & Privacy):
You may download DHQI AI Code from Google Play store(TM) here:
You may download DHQI AI Code from AppStore (TM) here: