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In this article you can find an implementation of a car lights checker which reports if all 4 car's lights are working properly. To find out if there is a problem with the lights (head and rear) we use Light Dependent Resistors (LDR). We form 4 voltage dividers with the LDR positioned in such a way that more light means less voltage and less light means more voltage in the analog read pins. Reading the values of the analog read pins A0-A3 we process the results and light up the corresponding led.

Here is the schematic and the code:






Here is the code (in B4R) :

#Region Project Attributes
    #AutoFlushLogs: True
    #CheckArrayBounds: True
    #StackBufferSize: 300
#End Region
'Ctrl+Click to open the C code folder: ide://run?File=%WINDIR%\System32\explorer.exe&Args=%PROJECT%\Objects\Src

Sub Process_Globals
    Public Serial1 As Serial
    Dim ledR As Pin
    Dim ledO As Pin
    Dim ledG As Pin
    Dim vFL As Pin
    Dim vFR As Pin
    Dim vBL As Pin
    Dim vBR As Pin

    Dim previousValue As UInt
End Sub

Private Sub AppStart
    ledR.Initialize(5, ledR.MODE_OUTPUT)
    ledO.Initialize(6, ledO.MODE_OUTPUT)
    ledG.Initialize(7, ledG.MODE_OUTPUT)
    vFL.Initialize(vFL.A3, vFL.MODE_INPUT)
    vFR.Initialize(vFR.A2, vFR.MODE_INPUT)
    vBL.Initialize(vBL.A1, vBL.MODE_INPUT)
    vBR.Initialize(vBR.A0, vBR.MODE_INPUT)
End Sub

Sub CheckLDRResistance
    'Change the levels accordingly
    Dim levelF_2 As UInt = 800
    Dim levelF_1 As UInt = 400
    Dim levelB_2 As UInt = 700
    Dim levelB_1 As UInt = 350
    Dim valueFL As UInt = vFL.AnalogRead
    Dim valueFR As UInt = vFR.AnalogRead
    Dim valueBL As UInt = vBL.AnalogRead
    Dim valueBR As UInt = vBR.AnalogRead
    Select Case True
        Case (valueFL < levelF_1)
            valueFL = 10
        Case (valueFL > levelF_1 And valueFL < levelF_2)
            valueFL = 5
        Case (valueFL > levelF_2)
            valueFL = 0
    End Select
    Select Case True
        Case (valueFR < levelF_1)
            valueFR = 10
        Case (valueFR > levelF_1 And valueFR < levelF_2)
            valueFR = 5
        Case (valueFR > levelF_2)
            valueFR = 0
    End Select

    Select Case True
        Case (valueBL < levelB_1)
            valueBL = 10
        Case (valueBL > levelB_1 And valueBL < levelB_2)
            valueBL = 5
        Case (valueBL > levelB_2)
            valueBL = 0
    End Select
    Select Case True
        Case (valueBR < levelB_1)
            valueBR = 10
        Case (valueBR > levelB_1 And valueBR < levelB_2)
            valueBR = 5
        Case (valueBR > levelB_2)
            valueBR = 0
    End Select
    Dim currentValue As UInt = valueBR + valueBL + valueFL + valueFR
    Select Case True
        Case currentValue <= 10  '2 lights are off at least
            If previousValue <> currentValue Then
                previousValue = currentValue
            End If
        Case (currentValue > 10  And currentValue < 20) '1 lights is off
            If previousValue <> currentValue Then
                previousValue = currentValue
            End If
        Case (currentValue >= 20  And currentValue <= 40) 'Everything seems to work properly
                                                        '- check if front and back values are the same on each side
            If previousValue <> currentValue Then
                If valueFL <> valueFR Or valueBL <> valueBR Then
                End If
                previousValue = currentValue
            End If
    End Select
End Sub

Sub ResetLEDValues
End Sub