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The following article is an article I wrote some time ago after having drunk a quorter of a glass of ouzo in a Saturday night. Either this was the case to blame for this article or the fact that some times the mind is pointed at the tree and loses the forest (I wonder what would be the purpose of such case if there is a being that designed this). The assamptions about the tidal effects for a suitable planet or an other distance of Jupiter only, to the sun are a 100% correct, but the maths calculating the forces for what there really exists, clearly declare this article as total crap. It is interesting though to keep it here for clarification reasons of everyone and as an advise to keep always in alarm because some times are played tricks in your mind and you end up seeing the tree and not the forest.  Let us read the article and do the math later...  



I am aware of the prevailing opinions about astrology, and I shared them by arguing about them positively, until the moment I thought of what I describe in this article.

To be honest, I don't know if I could call this an article as I don't have the means to verify the truth of what I'm about to describe, but maybe it's a good start for someone who does have these means. So let's refer to this text as a share of ideas, and not an article as they do have a scientific background, but I lack biology knowledge and access to solar activity in sunspots, flares and solar wind over several years, and a significant sample of subjects for the correlation research with the above to qualify as an article documented experimentally with scientific data.

So, I start by describing what I thought.

Astrology, as we all know, refers to how the position of the planets affected us at birth, say by zodiac sign, and affects the daily life of humans. Astrology has been around for the past 3000 to 4000 years. These are enough years for some stars to change positions more or less, but not enough for our sun to make a significant rotation around the galaxy and thus significantly change the angle of view (although the significant based on dark matter is relative, based on the almost constant velocity of the outer layers of the galactic plane and the different sizes of the orbits - if of course we say that dark matter does exist and our equations do not need correction).

Having passed a time corresponding to (40*102)/(25*107)= (5*8*102)/(5*5*107)=(8/5)*10-5 = 1.6*10- 5 of the time corresponding to one complete rotation of our sun around the galaxy, we can roughly say with all the above mentioned that the position of the stars in the galaxy has not changed significantly.

However, the fact that the plane of rotation of the planets more or less - as all the orbits of the planets are not coplanar - presents a great inclination in relation to the plane of the galaxy could draw our thinking in other paths. However, due to our extremelly small size as a solar system in relation to the dimensions of the galaxy, I could say that what I mentioned above has the conditions to be valid.

So first conclusion: The state of the sky has not changed dramatically, compared to when astrology was first invented in man's attempt to cover his lack of knowledge and his insecurity.

Let's go to the next step. We all know what tides are. They are due to the relative motion of the moon with respect to the earth. As Newton wrote, bodies with mass m1 and m2 always attract with a force proportional to the product of their masses, and inversely proportional to the square of their distance. So wherever the moon passes, it attracts the waters which "rise" towards the moon creating the tide that will shower us if we sleep on the beach on a summer night. When the moon is gone the waters "reset" creating the low tide.

Therefore, the second conclusion is the following: Tidal phenomena are created by large bodies.

When, now, astrologers talk about predictions, they always take into account the position of the planets in relation to the zodiac cycle. What does what I just said mean? This means that as the Earth and the other planets rotate in the same plane (obviously, I mean almost the same), there are 12 constellations around this plane which have various names and are what we know as signs of the zodiac. What does it mean that today Mars enters Scorpio? It simply means that as I see it from where the earth is, the straight line connecting Earth and Mars passes through the constellation of Scorpio. If Mars is retrograde and I don't want to pay the tolls for that reason, it just means that the earth, since it is inner than Mars, has passed it and it appears in the zodiac that Mars goes backwards in that cycle. It also means that the toll bill will come to me through Greek Independent Authority of Public Revenue.

Therefore, the third conclusion is the following: The expression that this planet is in this sign means exclusively and unequivocally the position of the planet in relation to the Earth on the zodiac. This, you can clearly translate it, according to the equations of motion of the planets that the great Newton created in their mathematical form, to a specific position of the planet, since their motions are specific.

Let's put all three conclusions together now by stating them:
1) The state of the sky has not changed dramatically since when astrology was first invented
2) Tidal phenomena are created by large bodies.
3) The expression that this planet is in this sign means exclusively and unequivocally the position of the planet in relation to the Earth on the zodiac. This, you can clearly translate it, according to Newton's equations of planetary motion, to a specific position of the planet, since the motions are specific.

If we put these conclusions together, it would be possible to conclude that the same tidal effects are created in the sun by the planets as they were created 4000 years ago.

What do tidal effects on the sun mean? It means changes in solar activity due to pulling and releasing of the sun's hydrogen in outer layers by the planets in general (and let's not limit it to just Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune) due to the differential rotation of the sun. What do changes in solar activity mean? It simply means changes in sunspot events, flares, and solar wind outflows that translate into charged particles traveling towards Earth and thus induce magnetic and electric fields on it that can affect our lives, and I mean biologically, since we're electronic, but also chemical circuits affected by the electronic signal. Our biological change due to electric and magnetic fields, also translates into psychological changes that can create changes in interpersonal relationships (such as, litigation, or friendly behaviour or love, if the feelings are due to or also due to electronic signals). When astrologers say in their predictions that it is a good day to start a new business partnership or not, it could also be related to the above I just mentioned.

It should also be mentioned that the movement of the solar wind will create pressure on the Earth's magnetic field, which could have similar effects as already mentioned in induced electric and magnetic fields. To what extent this could be done, in either case, perhaps a doctor, biologist and/or geneticist could answer that.

Also, an astrophysicist with access to historical records of sunspots, flares and changes in solar wind outflows and the sun's differential rotation over time, could discover some correlation with human characters, if indeed there is one. It would also be useful to test some correlation in the lives and character of individuals born at solar maxima.

With all the above it is obvious that your zodiac sign simply marks the end of the course and what you suffered when you were inside the amniotic flask in your mother's womb, and also what she suffered because of the previous mentioned reasons, who carried it to you with the placenta.



Ok, now let us do the maths:

The force that the sun (or a body) exerts in an other body is given by the following formula:


The Sun’s mass is equal to 333000 earth masses. The moon's mass is equal to 0,01 earth masses and Jupiter's mass is equal to 317,8 earth masses.

The Sun’s apparent diameter is equal to 1392700 km and thus the apparent radius is equal to 696350 km. That is 696350000 m.

The Earths’s median diameter is equal to 12742 km and and thus the radius is equal to 6371 km. That is 6371000 m.

The mean distance of Jupiter to the Sun is 778500000 km and that is 778500000000 m

The Moon’s mean distance to earth is 384400 km and that is 384400000 m.

Let us now imagine a body with a mass of m earth masses being 1 m over the surface of earth and another one same 1 meter over the apparent surface of sun. If we consider for earth and sun their mass condensed in a point in the center of each body then we can calculate the ratio of the two forces in their corresponding masses of m being 1 meter over the (apparent or not) surface. That is:


That is the Sun is attracting the same mass 27,874 (comma is decimal point in Europe) times more than the earth does when this mass is 1 meter over the apparent or true surface in regard to the main body.

Now if we consider the same body for the earth but calculating the ratio forces to the body of mass m which stands 1 meter over the surface of earth, thus the ratio of the forces of earth and moon we have:


Now if we calculate the same ratio for a mass of m 1 meter over the apparent surface of the sun in relation to jupiter’s force:


Clearly the results are much different and thus are the tidal effects in sun’s surface and outer layers.

In order to make the sun’s surface and outer layers, behave the same as earth’s oceans we have to “bring” Jupiter at a distance of:


For the reader's convenience it is mentioned that 1 A.U. or 1 Astronomical Unit is the distance between earth and sun and it is about 150000000 km and thus we have to bring Jupiter at a distance of 8,65% of the distance between earth and sun, in relation to the sun, in order to get the same tidal effects as we do between earth and moon.

The maths have spoken. Do not trust your mind in "Saturday" night feaver...