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VoIP is a word derived from the initials of the words in the term "Voice Over IP". It is a technology that allows you to communicate and place calls over the Internet from compatible with VoIP devices. These devices can be your mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop (with software) or a dedicated IP Phone (a phone that is intended only for VoIP).  These devices will be communicating with a SIP server of a company that has provided this server for access to you for VoIP use, and also has provided a dedicated telephone number in order for your contacts to call you in this number, or so that you can make outside calls (the outside calls when calling abroad are almost 90% off the regular price - f.e. if a phonecall to USA costs 5€ with a regular phone line it will cost only almost 0,50€ with VoIP). When your contacts will call you in this number the devices you have set to use this SIP server for VoIP, will ring and you can answer and communicate with them through the WiFi in your house and through mobile data where ever you are.


Our company will take on the responsibility to help you to take this technology to the next step. This step is a virtual calling center which will be used through the Internet. With a virtual calling center you can communicate with your family if you have a big house and place internal calls to each other where ever there is Internet connection (within your WiFi or with the use of mobile data - to use it outside with mobile data make sure you have a data packet in your mobile device because charges may incur). You can also share a telephone line to more than one family members to make or receive calls from the outside world simultaneously. Other use cases include doctors', lawyers' or notaries' offices where you can talk to the secretary with an internal number you will dial at no charge or create calling menus to help your customers get the information they want without bothering you.


The structure of the proposed virtual calling center communications can be described in the following picture. You will get a new telephone number in a SIP Trunk company or use your existing number by taking advantage of number mobility in telephone companies. When someone calls you in this telephone number the SIP Trunk company will send your call over the internet to your virtual calling center. The caller will hear the menu we have set according to your needs and will select the choice(s) he/she wants, in order to be diverted to the appropriate device or calling sub-menu. You can also in the same time place free of charge calls within your house or office by calling the extension of the family member or colleague you wish to talk to. For example if the mobile has the extension number 11 and the tablet has the extension number 12 when you call 12 from the mobile phone it will connect to the virtual calling center, and the calling center will connect to the tablet and will allow you to talk with the owner of this device no matter where he/she is. The same is valid for outside calls. With this virtual calling center you can answer in your office using WiFi, or take your office outside with you using mobile data or another WiFi, and respond to incoming calls from clients or colleagues (and this will happen only in the hours you wish us to set in the virtual calling center).

 DHQI vPBX Offer 

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this technology and get benefited by what this technology has to offer to you or your office. Please do get in contact with us and we will perform a study of your case and come with the optimum solution for you.