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Our products are developed in several platforms. As of November 2017 we have products developed by us in Android, Windows .NET, Microsoft Office VBA and Joomla. Most of our Android applications are suitable for all people except from Yacht Companion which will be useful to Yacht Owners when it will be released soon. Our Windows .NET platform applications are mainly S.a.a.S solutions and there are several S.a.a.S applications under development at this moment. As of December 2017 we are finalizing our first application which is Yacht Companion and it will be released soon. Our Microsoft Office VBA platform applications are dedicated to industrial management.


 Windows .NET Applications and Internet ASP.NET applications

We develop windows.net applications both for local and internet access. Most of our .NET applications are custom solutions developed for our customers. We develop mainly S.a.a.S (software as a service) solutions. There are several software as a service solutions under development at this point. View more...


 Android Applications

We develop android applications both for local and internet access. Our android applications are targeted for the vast majority of the public except for some applications dedicated to certain specific tasks with the corresponding public as users. You can download our applications either from our site or from Google Play (TM). View more...


 iOS Applications

Our future plans are migrating our Android Apps to the iOS environment. Soon we will be glad to announce the  iOS versions of our Android (TM) Applications. Until then stay... tuned!


 Microsoft office VBA Applications

We develop Microsoft Office VBA Solutions for office automation and industrial managment. All of our applications developed in Microsoft Office VBA are custom solutions dedicated to the specific needs of our customers. We develop with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and specifically with Microsoft Access. View more...


 Joomla Sites

We develop web sites in Joomla content management system. We have made many ideas of our customers reality with responsibility. Our sites are responsive targeting multiple devices from a mobile phone, to a tablet, to a computer looking perfect in all devices. View more...



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