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DHQI Athens Guide is a city guide for the tourists that provides them with all the potentialities that would give them a real human guide (like suggesting them places to visit, allowing them to select which of the places they want to visit, seeing their spanning within the city (where all of the selected places are located in the city), allowing them to group the places per day in the amount of days their visit lasts (automatically with artificial intelligence depending on their proximity to each other and also do that manually if they want to), calculating the shortest path per day and the corresponding sequence of places to visit (that is the way – in what order – should the groupped places be visited within the day in order to travel the shortest distance) with the use of advanced algorithms and at last navigating them from place to place (during their stay in Athens) and telling them in real human voice (text to speech) information about the place and finally showing them pictures of it. It is their private digital guide.

The application is made for Athens but you can act as a representative to port this application in your home town with a mutually beneficial agreement. Currently we are only intersted in capitals of countries which are the most visited. It has to be underlined that the default language for the guide will be English and all the representatives will port this content in their native language.

The benefits and the responsibilities of the representative are listed bellow.

The benefits of the representative will be the following:

  1. 20% of the net revenue from this application (the app will be being sold at a price of 10€+VAT per device activated) and thus your income will be 2€ per activated device if you act as a salesman also. "This application" implies the application that will be created with the use of the content they create for their local city for which they will be acting as a representative.
  2. As a representative you will have to organize your team of salesmen to approach the hotels in your local town and that will lead you to an additional revenue of 15% of the net revenue (of the sales of the salesmen) per activated device (the other 5% of the net revenue will be paid to the salesman). It is obvious that you can keep an amount of hotels to yourself and sub-contract all the others to your sales team. This will lead you to more income with the spanning of sales of the application. It is also obvious that if you do not live in the town you are acting as a representative the only way is to organize your team of salesmen which will all be local residents in this town. The representative has to understand and make clear to their salesmen that these percentages correspond to a big revenue if it is considered the amount of the hotels approached, the amount of the rooms each hotel has and the amount of tourists that will stay in every room during the whole touristic period. It also has to be clear that this income will be for ever (for as long as the application is sold by the hotels to their clients).  Another thing that has to be clear is that the hotels which will be approached by the representative or their sales team and sign a cooperation contract with us, will be selling the application to their clients and thus they will be receiving a commission of 30% in order to have a motive to promote our application to their clients. Thus no extra action is required by the representatives or their sales team. It also has to be clear that the earnings of the representative as well as their salesmen will be calculated by these sales of the hotels to their clients. You do not have to be scared by this term because everything and every step will be explained to you to the furthest extend of it. It will then all come naturally and you will organize your team of salesmen without any problem. The cooperation with the representatives will be constant and continuous as they will be acting as an intermediate between us and their salesmen and thus the corresponding to them hotels.
  3. The representative will have a constant continuous live reporting for the sales from the Web or their android phone.
  4. The translation of Athens guide by the representative (as seen in the requirements from the representative) will be paid to them before their completion of the database of their local city, the establishment of their sales team and the starting of promotion of the application for their city in their city's local hotels. This payment to them will be made by the increment of sales because of their translation (increment that has been presented to us by the Athenian Hotel Owners in accordance with the denial of acquisition of DHQI Athens Guide app because of the tourists' lack of knowledge of a high level in English). The amount of the payment for the translation will be calculated by the mean value of translating in Greece (€/word) multiplied by the total words of the English text (content and interface).


The responsibilities/requirements from the representative will be the following:

  1. The representative has to have a good knowledge of the English language (at least a First certificate in English degree (Lower) or B2) both written and oral.
  2. The representative has to have a good knowledge of their native language both written and oral.
  3. The representative has to own an Android® phone of the last two years which they will be able to use it without any problem.
  4. The representative has to have good knowledge of computer use (Windows® environment).
  5. The representative has to have a good knowledge of Internet use.
  6. The representative will be acting also as a translator of content from English to their native language for already created content for other cities (for the time being for the city of  Athens). This will be done by using a Windows® software of our creation which will be communicating with their Android device. The content has auditive content (text to speech) and visual content. The representative has to debug acoustically the auditive content he will generate with our Windows® software using an Android® software of our creation. The visual content will be in HTML and there is an MS Word-like form inside the Windows® software that will help them to edit and form the visual content. The visual content will be created from the auditive content which by itsself will be translated from the English auditive content automatically and the representative will have to correct the errors of the automatic translation. The representative has also to translate the application interface (what you see in the application f.e. labels or buttons) to their native language using our Windows® application and a corresponding application in Android® of our creation which will communicate with the Windows application. This translation of the interface will not be made automatically because some times it is needed a literal translation (not exact translation) in order for the controls to be shown correctly in the app. For starters it is required to translate the Athens Guide app content and interface to the representative's native language in order to have a full translation of the interface for all languages (selected for now) and create a new setup file for the Windows app that will include all the translations of the interface in order for the representative to use it to create the new content for the city he is acting as a representative. The representative will be communicated when all the representatives have translated the Athens Guide content in their native language in order to install to them the new database remotely with the use of TeamViewer® software. There will also be videos explaining the use of our Windows® software and the use of the communicating with it Android applications, which Android applications' usage will be as easy as a click of a button.
  7. The representative has to translate in their native language all the new material that will be created/changed for other cities by other representatives whenever there are such additions/changes.
  8. The representative has to create content for the city he is acting as a representative by creating auditive (text to speech) and visual content according to the rules of requirement number 6 (previous requirement). The content creation will be made in English or their native language and translated to English automatically. The representative if they choose to create the content in their native language they are required to correct the errors of the translation. The content creation would be made by searching for info in google search and by collecting and processing the necessary photos for this content. There will be detailed instructions on this subject if you choose to cooperate with us.
  9. The representative has to keep their content up to date (all the content that is due to change - f.e. museums information/ticket prices). In every update they have to send us the updated database to divert it to the other representatives to translate it. When the representative is acting as the translator for this purpose the content that needs to be translated will be located automatically by our Windows® application and point them directly to it in order for them to translate it.
  10. The representative has to be trained by us on the way he is supposed to approach the hotels.
  11. The representative has to train their salesmen on how to approach the local hotels giving them the training that themselves received by us.
  12. The representative has to act as an intermediate between us and their salesmen.
  13. The representative has to check and inform us about local law conflicts (financial and legal) regarding the promotion and selling of our application in order to handle them (in the 90% of the cases there will not be any as we have pre-checked). If the representative's understanding of local law conflicts (financial and legal) is limited then they have to inform us about that in order to handle it by hiring a sub-contractor.
  14. The representative and/or their salesmen will have to approach, visit and answer the demands or questions of the hotels only until we sign an agreement with them (the hotels). Then the representatives shall provide only phone or e-mail support to the questions of their contracted hotels. No physical presence in the hotels is required after signing the agreement with them unless the hotels require such a visit to them. The cooperation with the representatives and/or their salesmen will be constant and continuous as they will be acting as an intermediate between us and the corresponding to them hotels. This requirement indicates that there will not be a constant visiting of the hotels by the representative and/or their salesmen but only on a need-to-visit basis and thus the cooperation both with the representative and their salesmen will be constant and continuous and as a result their revenues from the sales of the application.
  15. The representative has to add their salesmen (which will all be using Android devices of the last two years) in a web application with the instructions that will be received. This is done in order for the representative to be able to have a constant continuous live reporting of their salesman sales (sales by hotels contracted through their salesmen) and thus their additional income for those sales. There will be detailed instructions on that.
  16. The representative is obliged to sign a representation agreement with us which will be describing the guidelines of our cooperation and the obligations and rights of each signing party.

The amount of the work needed is more in the beginning but it will be reduced to almost zero effort in the future with constant and growing income as it is understood by what it is described in the previous sections. Please contact us using the contact page if you are interested in porting DHQI Athens Guide in your local city and representing us in your country of origin. It is preferred to contact us by phone or skype in order to talk to you directly.


Looking forward for a mutually beneficial cooperation with you:

Nikolaos Hatzistelios

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